Saturday, 7 February 2015

Final Projects for Spart IT Training

Once you moved to your stream, you can start developing the main project for your training.

Because we have to develop a group or individual project to complete the training.

Concept should be unique or you can propose a new concept for the existing application.

Some topics will be given by your training team. you can choose one of the topics from that or you can do your own topics. But before doing the project, refer with your trainer and then start doing.

I got some of the topics and description from my training team.

1 Virtual Office Management--- Admin
2 Lending Tree ----Banking
3 Credit Card Management System ----Banking
4 SMS Based Mobile Banking with Security ----banking
5 Pre-paid Recharging System on Banking----- Banking
6 Customer Query Track -----CRM
7 Exam Suite -----Education
8 Campus Selection System ----Education
9 Socio-Academic Network for Universities ----Education
10 Doctor Online ----Healthcare
11 Wireless Health Care System ----Healthcare
12 Cyber Hotelier Hospitality
13 Contract Labor Management System ----HR
14 Contigent Work Force ----HR
15 Online Recruitment System ----HR
16 XML Parser For E-Mail Resumes ----HR
17 OpenIT ----IT
18 Image Compression and De-compression ---IT
19 Issue Tracker ----IT
20 Effective Audio Video Transfer Using Real Time Protocol ----IT
21 Enterprise Fleet Management System---- Logistics
22 Cool Cab Services ----Logistics
23 Voyage Management---- Logistics
24 Ad Server---- Marketing
25 TechTree Bug And Component Systems ----Project management
26 IT Project and Process Management ----Project management
27 Automation Of Analysis And Development Management ----Project management
28 Online Real Estate Property Management ----Real estate
29 Online Rental House Web Portal---- Real estate
30 Barcode Generation ----Retail
31 Text Encryption And Decryption ----Security
32 Secure Data Transmission---- Security
33 Honeypots ----Security
34 Citizen Card System ----Social
35 District Collector ----Social 

Mini project--- IT Spark

Mini projects during the training

During this training period, we have to develop a mini project after completing every focus area.

For example,
After the java session, we have developed a small banking application without using any Graphical user interface. It is completely based on console application.

The complete details about the project such as

  • class diagram
  • relationship b/w the attributes
  • rules

will be given by our training team. Within a given time we have to complete that project and submit that.

Our developed module should behave like the given aspects. Else marks will be deduced.

Now, DBMS session is also completed and working with DBMS caselets.

In this also, details are given (not tables) . Like overall table defination.

Based on this defination, we have normalize that tables and develop the ER diagram for that.

After developing the ER diagram, create the tables with the relationship mentioned in the ER diagram. And feed some sample data.

Finally some Questions will be given to work with that database. We should develop a query to achieve the mentioned output.

In my experience, what I learnt is:

Studying the concept is just an easy task. But implementing the ideas in work is very difficult.
So never stop practicing.